Sad News From Ashanti Region: Photos Of Two Brothers Who Died Painfully In A Well Causes Stir-WATCH.

It is very painful for parents to lose their biological sons on the spot of a terrible incidence. Latest update from one of the prominent media houses in Ghana drops photos of two brothers who died painfully in a well.


Ashanti Region recorded another sad news over the death of two blood brothers as it was reported by Kingdom News presenters. This sad news occured particularly at Bekwai District in a town call Agyamasu in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.


It was reported that, the father of the deceased children hired labourers to work on his well so that they can cover it properly to prevent sand from entering into the well. As a sign of good children, the two brothers decided to help the labourers as they work on the well (hole containing water).

Unfortunately, the labourers instructed the young guys to keep watch on the machine which is being used for the work as they attend to a woman from the same area. After the labourers left, the machine stop working and the elder brother who was identified as Adama Awuni entered the well (hole) to spark the machine. After several minutes, Adama Awuni is not coming out of the well. As a result, his Junior brother by name Ibrahim Awuni also entered the well to see what is happening.


Sadly, the labourers returned and they cannot find the two brothers. It was later discovered that, the two brother perished in the well.

The fire service officers were called to the scene and they were able to remove the dead bodies from the well. Currently, the dead bodies has been deposited at Bekwai Hospital.


Adama Awuni was 20 years old and his junior brother Ibrahim Awuni also died at the age of 18.




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