Trouble Looms: SHS Teacher In Serious Trouble After Doing This To Female Student In Western Regional-CHECK DETAILS.

Every institution is govern by rules and regulations. The rules and regulations is to shape the behaviour of all people in that Particular institution. It is very bad to hear some people to saying that, the rules are made for students and not teachers.


Recent update from one of the Senior High schools in Western Region, depicts how teachers have violated the rules of the institution to inflict pain on female students.


Jomoro District in western Region. Annor Adjaye SHS.

This incidence occured in Annor Adjaye Senior High School located at Jomoro District in the Western Region of Ghana. It was reported that, some of the students were late to church on campus. As a results, the teachers lashed them severely by inflicting pains and wounds on the skin on the student.


Kingdom news reporter added that, it is not only the female student that suffered from the ordeal, but the male student and muslims who did not attend the church that day were all victims.

Photos Of the Female Students After the Incidence.


Currently, the Management of the school is now dealing with the issue to see how best they can handle it. But the incidence has put the teachers in quetion in serious trouble because, they are likely to be expel from Annor Adjaye Senior High School in the Western Region of Ghana.

Photo Of A Male Student After The Horrible Ordeal.


It is expected that, the Ghana Education Service GES and other stakeholders will intervene in this case to make sure that, justice prevails in Annor Adjaye Senior High School In the Western Region Of Ghana.

Some of the victims speaking on Kingdom news made it clear that, they cannot even sit on their buttocks to learn or to study. Those who also received the lashes in their palm cannot also hold a pen to write in their books all because they were late to church.





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