Three philanthropic acts that display Mahamadu Bawumia’s humanitarian side

Bawumia donates to ‘honest’ taxi driver

Bawumia’s GH¢20,000 gift is to encourage Ghanaians, Saka Salia

Taxi driver receives donations from the public

Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia has exhibited his love for humanity through many philanthropic works both locally and nationally.

GhanaWeb takes a look at some of these acts that were commended by many Ghanaians.

Bawumia builds 2-bedroom house for cured leper

The Vice President, in 2020, furnished and formally handed over a two-bedroom house to an 82-year-old cured leper, Daari Pogo, who was abandoned by her family at Motori in the Wa West District of the Upper West Region.

This humanitarian gesture was inspired by a JoyNews documentary which showed the sorry plight of Daari Pogo and her granddaughter. The two were forced to live in a dilapidated mud house after they were abandoned by their family.

Touched by the horrific circumstances, Bawumia immediately mobilized resources and built a furnished two-bedroom house for Daari Pogo within six weeks.

In a ceremony to hand over the house to Daari Pogo, Vice President Bawumia said, “Today I am here to formally hand over this house to madam Pogo, and assure her that we will continue to make sure she is well looked after. That is how we should treat each other. No one should be forced to live the way she was living.”

Vice President settles Psalm Adjeteyfio’s rent with GH¢50,000

Another generous act by the Vice President which sparked public praise was the GH¢50,000 donation made to the late Psalm Adjeteyfio.

This was after the late veteran actor in an interview appealed for support to enable him pay for his rent.

Touched by the actor’s passionate appeal, Dr. Bawumia donated an amount of GH¢50,000 to the actor to help him pay for his rent and also cater for his needs.

Donation to taxi driver who returned missing GH¢8,400 to client

Dr Mahamudu Bawumia again exhibited his philanthropic trait after he donated an amount of GH¢20,000 to the taxi driver who returned a missing GH¢8,400 left in his car by a fishmonger.

On Wednesday, May 11, a video surfaced on social media showing the taxi driver returning the money to the owner. The taxi driver was praised by netizens on social media for his honesty.

Moved by this act, the Vice President then donated GH¢20,000 to the driver through an appeal made by the Editor-in-Chief of The Fourth Estate, Manasseh Azure Awuni, on Facebook for the driver to be rewarded for his honesty.

Mr. Bawumia’s donation set the pace for other donations made to the taxi driver by the public.

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