The spiritual leader of the Tijjaniyya Muslims Of Ghana, Sheikh Abulfaid Khalifatul Akbar paid a visit to victims who where involved in a car crush on their way to Prang for the 46th Annual Mawlid of Sheikh Ahmed Tijani

His Spiritual Eminence Maulana Sheikh Ahmed Abufaid Bun Kutubun Aktab Maulana Sheiwu Abdulahi Ahmed Maikano R.T.A has extended his warmest of regards and gratitude to all who made this year’s Maulud a grand success upon his arrival in Accra 5 days ago when the Greater Accra deputy organizer picked him at Airport amidst his official invite to sign a book of condolence for the demise of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at Britain High commission.

He paid a courtesy visit to the victims of the unfortunate incident of a crush which happened last week Wednesday on their way to Prang(Parai) for the 46th annual Mauled of the Sidi Sharif Ahmed Tidjani R.T.A founder of Tijaniya sect.

The leader has expressed concern and worry to the 5 injured victims during the visit at their residence this afternoon, He also went on further to advice the youth about taking precautionary measures and a word of caution especially when it comes to driving.

His closing remarks were more of encouraging about being steadfast in prayers, give respect to our parents, and be serious with our Azcar tareeqatul Tijaniya.

Sincere thanks to Greater Accra executives of Tijaniya Muslim council of Ghana for facilitating this visit and appreciation to all who made this courtesy visit possible.

Here are some pictures below;

Allah bless, guide, protect, and guide all of you.

Salaam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barkatuhu

Write up by Greater Accra Deputy Organizer Mutala Adam Alias Abdul Manaf Na Khalifa

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