The Best ShihTzu, Dobermann & Cane Corso in Ghana unveiled at Specialty Dog Show

Specialty dog shows are events that feature a single breed, or the varieties of one breed.

The national breed club of ShihTzu, Dobermann, Cane Corso held their maiden specialty shows at the Crowther’s Residence Park in Aburi on Saturday, November 12, 2022, under FCI respected All Breed Judge, Patricia De Coning.

The three specialty shows were the first of their kind in Ghana & in Africa, and thus were special in many ways.

At the national specialty show, fans of ShihTzu, Dobermann, & Cane Corso breeds, gathered to share their knowledge and brought their best dogs to compete.

Only the best ShihTzu, Dobermanns & Cane Corsos in Ghana and neighbouring West African countries registered to partake in the show.

Soraya Solo Per 1 Occhi was adjudged the Best in Show at the Hydra ShihTzu National Specialty

Like all conformation shows, the goal of the maiden national specialty show was to create a platform for the best dogs in the ShihTzu breed, Dobermann & Cane Corso to compete among themselves and select the best dog in these respective breeds as Best in Shows while offering a platform for both breeders and fans of the breed to network among themselves and to choose suitable breeding pairs for their breeding program.

The event also offered an opportunity for pet owners to meet the best breeders in the country to buy dogs from.

Why you should participate in specialty shows

If you are considering participating in a dog show, you should consider your breed’s national specialty show. While general dog shows are also exciting, the national specialty show presents a unique opportunity to learn more about the breed and meet other breed fans.

Capo Di Tutti Capi was adjudged the Best in Show at the K9 Wholistic Dobermann Specialty show

“There is no better place to learn about your ShihTzu than at the ShihTzu national specialty show, which is held annually by the ShihTzu Club of Ghana”.

The President of the ShihTzu Club of Ghana explained that “the ShihTzu Specialty show is where dedicated and passionate breeders of the ShihTzu breed come together to compete with their best dogs while sharing knowledge on the best ways to improve the ShihTzu breed”.

Speaking at the show, the FCI All breed Judge in the person of Patricia De Coning was very pleased with the temperament of the Dobermann & Cane Corsos.

She said, “in my judging across the world, I have not seen such excellent temperaments of Dobermanns & Cane Corsos before”.

She commended the Dobermann & Cane Corso Clubs of Ghana and encouraged breeders to breed staple temperaments that conform to their respective breed standards to improve the breed.

The acting President of the Dobermann Club of Ghana, Mr Kobby Andah added his voice to the President of the ShihTzu Club and also said “a class win at the national specialty show can be a highlight of a dog person’s year and a Best of Breed win can be the crowning glory of a long history in the breed.

However, the beauty of the national specialty show l is more than winning. If you’re a dedicated fan of the breed, it’s exciting to experience a ring full of your favourite breed, spend time with other people who share your interests, and learn from others about the breed.”

The three specialty shows were held at different times on the same day at the Crowther’s Residence Park in Aburi. The show was divided into two part; an assessment session which involved pure breed ShihTzu & other small breeds as well as Dobermann & Cane Corso examination by the respected judge according to their respective breed standards.

The second session was a specialty show where ShihTzu, Dobermann and Cane Corsos are made to compete among themselves in the ShihTzu, Dobermann & Cane Corso Specialties and through a process of elimination, the best dogs are selected as the respective best in shows for those respective shows.

At the end of the show the Best in Show for the ShihTzu National Specialty was Soraya Solo Per I Occhi from Adanfopa ShihTzu, in the same vein, the Best In Show for the Dobermann Specialty was Capo Di Tutti Capi from Pioneers of Africa Kennels and the Best in Show for the Cane Corso Specialty was Rema Mastebo Guard from Primo Paws kennel.

The various categories winners walked away with sponsor giveaways and bragging right as owning or breeding the best ShihTzu, Dobermann & Cane Corso in Ghana. The Best in show winner for the Hydra ShihTzu Specialty show in addition to the aforementioned sponsor giveaway also won a return ticket to South Africa sponsored by the Shihtzu Club of Ghana.

Rema Mastebo Guard was the Best in Show at the cane Corso Specialty Show

The 3 club show committees thanked their sponsors and the patrons who came to the Crowther’s Residence Park to make the show a success. Below is the full results of the 3 specialty show winners for the day;

#Hydra ShihTzu National Specialty Show Results

Venue-Crowther’s Residence Park, Aburi

FCI Judge Name- Patricia De Coning, All Breed Judge, Republic of South Africa



1st Position- Winnies Pooches U Make My Day

Kennel/Owner Name-Juliet Adzewoda


1st Position-Fantasy Flora

Kennel/Owner-Pear Ogyiri (BreedsGH)


1st Position-Winnies Pooches U Make My Day

2nd Position-Breeds Fantasy Flora

3RD-Groot South Green



1st Position-Winnies Pooches Quest for the Best

Kennel/Owner-Adisa Oluwashola


1st-Position-Bluebird from Spikeworld kennels

Owner/Kennel- Emmauel Asare( Adanfopa ShihTzu)


1st Position-Winnies Pooches Quest for the Best

2nd Position- Blue Bird  from Spikeworld kennels


1st Position-Baloven Sud’By IZ Grada Masterov

Kennel/Owner- Pearl Ogyiri (BreedsGH)

2nd Position- Elvin Charm Beside

Kennel/Owner-Emmanuel Asare (AdanfopaShihTzu)


1st Position-Soraya Solo Per I Occhi

Owner/Kennel- Emmanuel Asare (Adanfopa ShihTzu)

2nd Position-Pauline Del Molly

Owner/Kennel- Humble Gabriel

3rd Position- Shazka Imandri Yuvelina

Owner/Kennel- Emmanuel Asare(AdanfopaShihTzu)


Soraya Solo Per I Occhi


1st– Soraya Solo Per I Occhi

2nd Position- Baloven Sud’By IZ Grada Masterov

3rd Position- Winnies Pooches Quest for the Best


Judge- Patricia De Coning (All Breed Judge)



1st Position-Lex the Future (Best Male puppy)

Owner- Edward Marfo


1st Position-kelly (Best Female Puppy

Owner-Moro Fuseini


1st Position-Future Westhood(3rd Best in show)

2nd Position-Maya Westhood

Owner-Martin Gyakitey

3rd Position-Bella

Owner-Moro Fuseini

4th Position-Montserrat

Owner-Michael Senazah



1st Position-Capo

Owner: Kobby Andah

2nd Position-POA Africanus Singleson

Owner-Kobby Andah

3rd Position-Chairman Carmelo Made in Sicily

Owner-Kobby Andah

4th Position-POA Bugatti

Owner-Kobby Andah


1st Position-Juga Betelges (2nd Best in show)

Owner-Kobby Andah



REMA-Primo Paws

Junior Calss:V1, Female,JCAC

Best in Show

Lily -Raj Cane Corso

Open Class-Exc, VP1, Male, CAC

ALIYAH-Primo Paws

Junior Class-V1, Female

Judge: Patricia De cONING(RSA) All Breed Judge


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